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Dress Code & Local Rules

Lemon Bay Dress Code

All members are encouraged to help preserve the Lemon Bay tradition by honoring its dress code. The basis cornerstone of our dress code continues to be based on “good taste” and respect for the traditions of the game, the Club, and its members.  It is the responsibility of each member to ensure that all family members and guests conform to the Club’s dress code. If you have any questions regarding appropriate attire, please contact the Club Manager or the Golf Shop for assistance. 

  • Men and boys are to wear shirts with collars, slacks, or appropriate golf or Bermuda style shorts. Men must remove their hats when they enter the Clubhouse.
  • Women and girls are required to wear equally appropriate attire. The items in our Golf Shop conform to Lemon Bay’s dress code. 

Our Golf Shop is fully stocked with appropriate golf attire, and is member owned.

Inappropriate Attire

The following clothing is never appropriate or permitted: Racer back shirts with no collar; leggings, unless under skirts or shorts; workout gear; blue denim and joggers. Casual t-shirts and t-shirts with graphics, tank tops, and all collarless shirts for men/boys, short shorts, cargo pants or shorts, sweatpants, and athletic attire other than golf attire, clothing with exposed midriffs, bathing suits, cover-ups, and blue denim clothing. Ripped, torn, faded, or cut-off styles of any kind of apparel are also never permitted on the Club’s property. 

Technology Policy

  • Cell phone use is only allowed on the outside patio areas or parking lot of the clubhouse.  No cell phone use is allowed in our locker rooms. 
  • On the golf course or practice areas we ask that all cell phones are kept on silent. 
  • Audible music is not permitted on the golf course.