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Welcome to Good People.

As members, we demonstrate our good stewardship and citizenship in two principal ways. We protect our environment for the future with our support of our Audubon Sanctuary, and the wildlife that live in and visit our property. We also power The Better Shot Foundation-- a youth organization that leverages the power of golf to equip young people with the life skills and mentorship they need to live happier and healthier lives. Over 300 children and young adults participate in this program each summer, and we donate 12-15 educational scholarships each year. Help us keep paying the game forward.

And Great Golf!

For many, golf is a game. At Lemon Bay, golf is the driver of lasting relationships and an outlet for the community to rally around. We exist to create a little piece of paradise for our membership. Providing an uplifting and approachable atmosphere season after season. This club is more than a piece of land, it is an unmatched preserve for the game of golf, wildlife and human connection. 

We'd Love To Have You Join Us.

We offer 4 different memberships: Class A, Class B, Preview, and Legacy.  Applying for membership requires an executed application, signed by two member sponsors in good standing, along with letters of recommendation from each sponsor. Each applicant must be approved by the Membership Committee and the Board of Governors. 

“Lively, weekly mixers-tournaments, and I've met so many people. Great!”

“Very casual, friendly club, it doesn't take itself too seriously.”

“Even if your game is off it doesn't matter, there is so much to enjoy.”

“A fun place to play golf. It's unique...”

“The wildlife...I haven't seen any course quite like it!”

Membership Inquiries

Membership inquiries should be directed to a Lemon Bay Golf Club member, the club's Membership Director or Director of Golf.


Hannah Madison


Membership Director


Ben McCoy


Director of Golf